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Appertain Corp. prides itself on being a "Multi-Materials" recycling partner. Since 1986 Appertain Corp. has helped industrial and commercial concerns consolidate recycling efforts, improve pricing on certain commodities and by removing materials from costly dumpsters and landfills. Appertain Corp. has the capability to install equipment in your facility to assist in material collection and consolidation. Processing Equipment: Appertain Corp. utilizes several types of equipment to process equipment. Appertain Corp. has the resources to install processing equipment in your facility to assist in material, densification collection and consolidation. Listed below is a partial list of equipment that Appertain Corp. utilizes at our facility and has placed at customer facilities: Vertical Balers Horizontal Balers Crushers Shredders Grinders Compactors This is a partial list of materials we recycle: Plastics – All types in any form (parts, purge, sprues & runners, regrind, film & wrap, resin, pallets & containers, dunnage) Cardboard – Wax coated cardboard Fiberboard Paper – All grades (books, magazines) Foam, Mattress Trim Rubber – All types, cured & uncured Textiles – All grades, shapes & sizes Glass Aluminum Wood Pallets* Discontinued or obsolete inventories or machinery *As part of comprehensive recycling program only. We offer the following to make your recycling program a success: Improve overall financial aspects of recycling. Whether it be purchasing materials for a higher price or eliminating or reducing landfill expenses Install recycling equipment to meet your needs, such as balers, conveyors, compactors, roll offs, shredders, grinders or other equipment. Provide training on equipment. Provide storage trailers for material collection. Appertain Corp. operates its own fleet of tractors and trailers. Empty trailer exchange when you need it. Always ready to look at new materials that may enter your waste stream. Strengthen ISO certifications. Affirming storm water runoff requirements. Recycle all materials in an environmentally safe manner.

Contract Packaging

Appertain Corp. has 30 years of experience offering flexible contract packaging and assembly solutions for industrial firms in the South East. Our service solutions provide a partnership for success and mutual growth. Contact Packaging Services: Appertain Corp. provides full service contract packaging services from conception to distribution. Our Expertise Includes: Wholesale and retail packaging of consumer goods. Packaging of writing instruments. Packaging of books, CD’s, and DVD’s. Appertain Corp. Provides: Display assemblies (small & large) Custom filling Labeling Bagging – ties or heat seal Blister packaging services Multi-packing and shrink wrapping Warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution


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Assembly Services

Our Expertise Includes: Light industrial sub-assembly of automotive parts. Warehousing and Just In Time delivery of parts. Sorting to keep nonconforming or suspect parts from getting into production or distribution channels. Appertain Corp. provides: Hand assembly Sorting Quality Assurance testing Relabeling Kit assembly Visual inspection UPC Bar coding Interior/Exterior Cleanup & Auxiliary Services Return goods, unpacking - repacking Warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution. Product reclamation, pressure cleaning of parts. Product rework to remove imperfections. Refurbishment services
Helps our recycling partners fulfill "green initiatives" by recycling waste and excess materials into new products and uses.